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Chris Elsey


Chris Elsey, the long time managing partner at Francesca's Restaurants, met Scott Harris over 25 years ago when they both worked at Harry's Cafe on Rush Street. Scott Harris was the chef and Chris was a server while also being a full-time teacher during the day. When Scott Harris was named chef at L'Angolo di Roma in Lincoln Park Chris followed him knowing that his brilliance in the kitchen would be noticed immediately. Scott finally opened his dream restaurant, Mia Francesca, in 1992. Chris was there to serve the first table that walked in and the rest is history. Scott Harris has grown Francesca's with over 20 locations in 20 years!

In 1999, Scott and Chris opened up the sixth Francesca's location, Francesca's Amici, in downtown Elmhurst. Scott noticed that Chris had a knack for training and developing key staff members for the continued growth of Francesca's.  

He soon became the Director of Training and Development and would assist in the opening of new locations. Over the years, Chris has had many opportunities with hiring, training, and leading many future managers and General Managers for the growth of Francesca's.

Davanti Enoteca in Western Springs will be the fifth overall location and the second in the Chicagoland area. Chris will be the managing partner of this location and will bring the highest standards in food quality as well as customer service.

"Over the years, Scott has repeatedly preached the importance of paying attention to the smallest of details. The attention to detail builds repeat customers in all of our Francesca locations. Our staff builds long-lasting relationships with many customers by treating them like family. Repeat business in the restaurant world is no mistake. By making sure our entire staff is well trained in all aspects of customer service we will make Davanti Enoteca in Western Springs an incredible restaurant for the western suburbs and beyond."

Chris lives in Elmhurst with his wife Susan, and their four children, Jonathon, Caroline, Cameron, and Catie.